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Department Introduction

The Functions Department of Wuxi Kaiyi Hospital has a team of talents with high academic achievements. Reasonable echelon structure and large development potential. Is a team with rich clinical experience and unity. Majority of the medical personnel in the department have gone to renowned hospitals in China for advanced training in ultrasound diagnosis. Have laid a solid intellectual foundation for the application, promotion of new technologies, new equipment and new concepts.

There are 8 doctors in the Functions Department, including 2 Associate Chief Physicians, 5 Attending Physicians and 1 Assistant Physician. Currently, the department has several advanced equipment from GE of USA and Philips, which can provide quality ultrasound examination service for all patients.

Service Scope

I. ECG Room

Routine and complicated ECG diagnosis;

24-hour dynamic Holter ECG monitoring;

24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring.


Cardiac Ultrasound:

1) Examination of common diseases, such as: diagnosis of hypertensive heart disease, dilated cardiomyopathy, mass occupation, etc.

2) Diagnosis of common congenital cardiac diseases in children and adults, such as: atrial and ventricular septal defects, patent ductus arteriosus, tetralogy of Fallot and common malformations;

3) Qualitative and quantitative diagnosis of rheumatic valvular disease;

4) Simple analysis of abnormal myocardial movements.

Vascular Ultrasound:

1) Examination of neck, cervical and vertebral artery vascular;

2) Examination of lower limb artery and venous vascular;

3) Examination of common diseases of abdominal blood vessels;

4) Examination of forearm artificial arteriolar-venular fistula.

Routine diagnosis of abdominal diseases, analysis and diagnosis of refractory disease.

Routine diagnosis of gynecological diseases, analysis and diagnosis of refractory diseases.

Obstetrics: routine check-ups for early, middle and late pregnancy. Obstetric NT examination and fetal 3D screening.

Examination of superficial organs:

1) Diagnosis of thyroid diseases and grading diagnosis of nodules (T1-RADS);

2) Diagnosis of breast diseases and grading diagnosis of nodules (B1-RADS) ;

3) Diagnosis of other superficial masses.

Automated breast ultrasound (Abus) screening.

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