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Department Introduction
Traditional Chinese Medicine

The Traditional Chinese Medicine at Wuxi Kaiyi Hospital provides a one-stop consultation service, which means that a Traditional Chinese Medicine physician can prescribe Chinese Medicine, carry out acupuncture, point application therapy, tuina massage, moxibustion, plastering and other special Chinese Medicine treatment items according to the patient's condition.

Patients are also educated on disease self-prevention, so they can be aware of that preventive care is as important as treatments. Give full play to the features and advantages of Traditional Chinese Medicine to improve its clinical efficacy.

Service Scope

Integrating clinical, teaching, research and health care

We adopt personalized treatment for lumbar spondylosis, cervical spondylosis and joint diseases of various causes. Combine advanced and complete physical therapy equipment to administer the right medicine and treatment

Physical therapy, internal medicine, gynecology, pediatrics, beauty, sports injury treatment, physical conditioning of Traditional Chinese Medicine, health care for people with sub-healthy people and other special services with Traditional Chinese Medicine

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