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Department Introduction
Medical Imaging

The Medical Imaging of Wuxi Kaiyi Hospital is provided with large equipment. ABUS breast screening ultrasound machine, Sigma HDXT1.5T whole-body MRI, X-ray computed tomography (128 layers) and whole-body spiral CT machine and DR (Digital X-ray photography system, Digital Radiography) machine from GE of USA, as well as Achilles osteometer.

The image post-processing workstation can perform multi-directional and multi-angle reconstruction of images, such as transparent technology imaging for prosthesis placement, cardiac coronary imaging, nerve fiber bundle imaging and whole spine imaging, MRCP (pancreaticobiliary imaging with MRI), MRU (magnetic resonance urography).

Service Scope

The Medical Imaging routinely carries out whole-body digital radiography DR examination, whole-body CT examination, MRI examination and bone density examination. Also performs a series of specialized and refined imaging technology examination programs. Including:

DR: full-length integrated imaging of the spine and both lower extremities.

CT: 3D post-processing technique for whole body bones and joints. CT-enhanced examinations of the head, neck, chest, abdomen, pelvis and spine.

MR: cranial angiography, DWI (diffusion-weighted imaging), SWI (magnetic susceptibility-weighted imaging), MRCP (pancreaticobiliary imaging with MRI), spinal cord imaging, multilayer imaging of articular cartilage, and single hip MR scan examination. MRI enhanced examination of head, abdomen, pelvis, spine and lower limbs.

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