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Department Introduction
Physical Examination Center

The Health Management Center of Wuxi Kaiyi Hospital is located on the 1st floor of the hospital, with nearly 3,000 square meters of physical examination space. Adopting a humanized layout and built according to strict standards to create a spacious, comfortable and convenient service experience for patients. Relying on a strong professional medical background, strict quality control standards are implemented. Accurate results and smooth service throughout the physical examinations are therefore achieved.

The center strictly controls the hiring of medical, nursing and technical personnel. All of the staffs are licensed to work. The leading expert team is composed of medical experts with associate senior titles in various departments. Each expert has decades of extensive clinical experience. The team works rigorous and efficient, provide quality health check-up services for every patient.

Service Scope

Carry out various blood and stool tests, tumor marker screening, gynecological examination, ultra early screening for cervical cancer, thyroid and breast examination, etc.

Provide the basis for early detection of hidden obesity, hypertension, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia and other high-risk groups, and provide prevention recommendations

Offers personal health checkups, physical examination for drivers, recruitment Physical examinations, VIP appointments for physical examinations

Provide pre-physical examination service with health service as the core and personalized physical examinations packages

Customized physical examinations packages and report interpretation of depth screening programs, poor health status, chronic disease and tumor risk screening, etc.

Risk assessment and health guidance based on physical examinations reports. Provide retesting plan and condition tracking for those with abnormal physical examinations results

Independent space is provided for physical examinations. Health records are established for information management that medical reports are sealed and bound for single person to fully protect personal privacy. Dedicated service personnel will guide all examinations

Exclusive health consultant will follow up after the physical examinations, provide express path for medical treatment, book large special equipment examination and book surgery, etc. Also provide standard solutions according to the corresponding health problems

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