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Yan Wang

  • Title:

    Attending Physician

  • Department:


  • Specialties:

    Treatment of hyperpigmented skin diseases by combination of Chinese and western;


Attending physician in Aesthetic of Jiangsu Province. Level 2 national psychological consultant. Specializing in integrative medicine for the treatment of disfiguring dermatosis and photoaging. She has accumulated extensive experience in Laser Aesthetic, Aesthetic injections, mesotherapy, chemical peeling and anti-aging. Specialties: specializes in treatment of common dermatological diseases and dermatological cosmetology. Specializes in integrative treatment of hyperpigmented skin diseases. Allergic skin diseases; acne; viral skin diseases; fungal skin diseases and scarring. Has been engaged in clinical practice for more than 20 years and has published several academic papers.

A member of the Committee of Laser Therapy Branch, Asian Medical Aesthetics Association (AMAA), a member of the first session of Central China Expert Committee of Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine Board of Cosmetic Surgery. A member of the third session of Traditional Chinese Medicine Cosmetology Association Branch of Jiangsu Association of Plastics and Cosmetology.

Has served as Chief of Dermatology and President in several large plastic surgery hospitals. Has studied in Dermatology of Hangzhou Third People's Hospital, the Laser Medical Center of Air Force General Hospital in Beijing, the Dermatology of Shanghai Huashan Hospital, the Laser Aesthetic of the Ninth People's Hospital of Shanghai Jiaotong University Medical College, and the Laser of the Institute of Dermatology of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. Has traveled to many famous medical institutions in Korea, Singapore and Taiwan for study and exchange programs.

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