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Shuzhen Zhao

  • Title:

    Chief of Hemodialysis Center

  • Department:


  • Specialties:

    Internal Medicine, Nephrology and other common, difficult, miscellaneous diseases.


Nephrology (Chief of Hemodialysis Center), Integrative Medicine

A former Chief Physician of Nephrology in Shanxi Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Studied under Prof. Jiaju Yu and Yuzhi Sun (renowned experts in the academic school of Nephropathy of Sun, a nationally renowned Chinese medicine practitioner). And studied nephrology in Chinese medicine in Jiangsu with Yanqin Zou and Gang Wang, both of whom are famous doctors and heirs of the Zou family of imperial medicine. Has more than 40 years of clinical practice in medicine. Has extensive experience in the application of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the treatment of difficult and miscellaneous diseases of internal medicine, suboptimal health status and health care for the preventive treatment of diseases.

Specialties: Internal Medicine, Nephrology and other common, difficult, miscellaneous diseases. Offers unique insights and better results in functional gastrointestinal disease, acute and chronic gastritis, intractable cough, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, eczema, rheumatic disorders, rheumatoid Arthritis, vertigo, insomnia, pediatric cough, dyspepsia, acute and chronic glomerulonephritis, nephrotic syndrome, IgA nephropathy, interstitial nephritis, acute and chronic pyelonephritis, urinary tract infection, allergic purpura nephritis, renal failure, diabetic nephropathy, damage of hypertensive nephropathy, etc.

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