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Wuxi Kaiyi Hospital Formally Joined in the Chest Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Alliance of the Department of Thoracic Surgery of Wuxi People’s Hospital
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Thoracic Alliance 

In the afternoon of January 14, thoracic surgeons from various Wuxi municipal, secondary and basic hospitals gathered to jointly celebrate the establishment of the Chest Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Alliance of the Department of Thoracic Surgery of Wuxi People’s Hospital. As a member of the alliance, Wuxi Kaiyi Hospital sent a team led by President Zhe Shen to attend the board-awarding ritual of the alliance.

The establishment of the alliance will greatly improve the diagnosis and treatment technology of the thoracic surgery departments in Wuxi, enabling the patients of thoracic surgery n Wuxi to enjoy the homogeneous medical services featuring “safety, effectiveness, convenience, rapidity and reasonableness”. Meanwhile, it will improve the diagnosis rate of early lung cancer, taking practical actions in response to the initiative of “Healthy China 2030” Plan Outline.



The First Case of Uniportal VATS in Kaiyi Hospital

As a member of the Chest Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Alliance of the Department of Thoracic Surgery of Wuxi People’s Hospital, Wuxi Kaiyi Hospital actively gathers multidisciplinary prevention and treatment forces to form a united front of solidarity and collaboration, participate in the joint prevention and treatment, keep promoting early diagnosis, comprehensive treatment and modern management, and implement the related work including standardized diagnosis and treatment, new technology development, active science popularization and publicity and academic exchanges.

On January 19, Wuxi Kaiyi Hospital and the Department of Thoracic Surgery of Wuxi People’s Hospital jointly performed a thoracoscopic left upper lobectomy, which was also the first joint diagnosis and treatment surgery performed by Wuxi Kaiyi Hospital after it joined in the Chest Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Alliance of Thoracic Surgery, Wuxi People’s Hospital. The surgery was performed smoothly, highlighting the advantages of the alliance. That is, by linking closely the special institutions and gathering multidisciplinary experts, the alliance would provide diagnosis and treatment suggestions which were more comprehensive and normalized, enabling patients to obtain the best treatment plan and really benefiting them to the maximum.


Thoracoscopic Surgery—Glad Tidings for broad Patients

The Uniportal VATS features slight operative hemorrhage and short operation time, and smaller surgical trauma and more minimal invasion compared to previous thoracoscopic surgeries. For surgeons, it not only requires the traditional thoracoscopic surgical skills, but also is difficult mainly because of the difficulty of intraoperative exposure, and the narrow operational space causing mutual interference among surgical instruments. With the concerted efforts of Chief of Thoracic Surgery, Wuxi People’s Hospital and various departments of Wuxi Kaiyi Hospital, the lobectomy of the left upper lung was successfully accomplished.

The success of this surgery indicated that the technology of Thoracic Surgery, Wuxi Kaiyi Hospital had reached a new level, and that Wuxi Kaiyi Hospital had been further enhanced in professional technical level and service ability.

Advantages of Thoracoscope

Featuring small incisions, the thoracoscopy can excise the lesion just through one or two pores. The patient can have the pulmonary function preserved to the maximum and have a high five-year survival rate. Moreover, patients are ambulant on the second postoperative day, thus suffering less.

Under the same premise of achieving radical tumor excision, thoracoscopy enlarges the surgical field of vision, and features more meticulousness in surgical operation, less intraoperative hemorrhage, slighter pain, shorter length of hospitalization, and faster prognosed recovery. It excises the lesions through very small trauma to achieve the same effects as thoracotomy so that patients can suffer less.

Few postoperative complications are developed. In case of routine thoracotomy, it will be quite difficult to treat patients again due to large surgical trauma, numerous postoperative complications, and other complications including poor postoperative would healing among some patients. While thoracoscope boasts small surgical trauma and fast recovery.

The scars left by incision are small in size and esthetically favorable. By avoiding the presence of postoperative large scars, thoracoscope relieves the postoperative psychological pressure of patients

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