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Highlights | Wuxi Kaiyi Hospital has been awarded the Public Architecture Award and Interior Design Award!
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Wuxi Kaiyi Hospital, designed by the Institute of Shanghai Architectural Design and Research and B+H Consulting International Inc and entrusted by Columbia China has been awarded “the Second Prize of Public Architect Project for 2021 Shanghai Excellent Survey and Design Project” and “the Third China Top 10 Hospital Interior Design Plan”. While meeting the increasing demands for high-end medical services from its patients, the Kaiyi Hospital under Columbia China takes delight in the creation of a beautiful healing environment for local communities and patients.


Elegant and Humanistic Design Makes Medical Treatment Enjoyable

A well-designed hospital should consider patients’ needs and does well in the path-finding design, so that patients can understand the medical consultation procedures soon after their arrival at the hall. The humanistic thinking is rare in traditional hospital design, which usually causes the patients to encounter a number of problems and be disoriented when seeking medical advice.


Wuxi Kaiyi Hospital spares no efforts to a create medical consultation space featuring individualization and interaction for the purpose of improving patients’ medical consultation experience and enhance the efficiency of medical treatment. The theme of “lotus flower” is used to imply metaphorically the special departments of Pediatrics and GYN, and a lobby and a main entrance serve to direct crowds to pass below the sun-lit wide glass roof, helping relieve the stress of medical staff and patients and keep a good mood among them, as well as diverting them.


Taking into account the connection between the diagnosis areas and treatment departments, the hospital is designed to strive to create a medical consultation flow which is compact and highly efficient. The departments are arranged in a such reasonable manner that departing from the lobby, the route to any department is always short; the checks and treatment for all patients abide by the “Right-hand Principle” of the medical staff, which improves efficiency and meanwhile reduces medical mistakes; identification is designed in a straightforward way so that patients will no feel disoriented, anxious and helpless, increasing their the “sense of control” over the surrounding environment.


Unique and Original Design Creates a “Poetic” Healing Space

The internal greening areas of Wuxi Kaiyi Hospital are designed from point to surface to form a colorful greening system, where people feel as if they were in a garden. The meticulously created medical consultation environment and the emphasis on privacy and individualized experience are making every effort to achieve a home-style experience feeling featuring friendliness and comfort.


In the design of the hospital, the needs of all users during the medical treatment process are taken into account. The wards are configured in such a way as to reduce noise and interference as much as possible, and inside provide visitors and escort with comfortable seat. Ample space, and waiting areas and examination rooms which can accommodate many people are available to facilitate the escort’s participation in the nursing process.


Using designer-customized artistic light fitting and decorative painting, the inside of the hospital is decorated with natural colors and materials, and disposed with skylights letting in sunshine. The whole building has a clear, transparent and bright structure, which brings people artistic enjoyment through a combination of natural light, colors and artworks.


Be Oriented to the Future and Face More Challenges

The functional layout of the hospital has fully considered the evolution of future science and technology and the constantly changing demands from communities. Most of the departments are equipped with expansible “flexible space”. For example, the modular design method is adopted in the Radiology Department so as to facilitate future expansion. Large-area operating rooms are disposed to accommodate the hybrid imaging instruments, hybrid surgical instruments or surgical robots.


With a number of some community amenities and public spaces provided in the hospital, it is possible to hold social activities to enhance effectively the happiness among patients in the process of rehabilitation and make the entire community healthier.

It is a pleasure for Wuxi Kaiyi Hospital to create a cozy environment featuring human-orientation, gather medical teams with masterly technologies and provide attentive family-like services.

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