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Five service features

International Medical Consultation Center

  • 5G International Medical Teleconsultation Center;
  • Yangtze River Delta linkage, direct contact with famous specialists;

Personalized Medical Services

  • Offering no less than 20 minutes of one-on-one consultation;
  • Chronic disease management, subhealth management;
  • Joint Multidisciplinary Outpatient Clinic;

Foreign-funded public health care

  • International service standards;
  • Implementation of social insurance and commercial insurance settlement;
  • Offering public hospital fee benchmarks with ten service systems;

Internet Health Care

  • Online report inquiries, simultaneous treatment and billing;
  • Online consultation and home delivery service for drugs;
  • Quick passage and smart ward;


  • The "Three Caring" service is implemented in the Outpatient Clinic: practical, attentive and sincere.
  • One doctor, one patient, and one consultation room to protect patient privacy;
  • VIP clients are offered with family doctors;
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